Jasmine planting techniques

A. Fertilization techniques for jasmine The jasmine flowers bloom a lot and need a lot of fertilizer. The principle of fertilization is a combination of basic fertilizer and chasing fertilizer, chasing fertilizer is mainly fast-acting fertilizer. Inorganic fertilizers are combined with organic fertilizers, with well-rotted organic fertilizers (if you have automated irrigation equipment, you can […]

Cultivation techniques of Gardenia

A. Gardenia is a woody plant Gardenia is evergreen in all seasons and blooms around the Dragon Boat Festival every year. The flower color is white, the flower silk dense, the flower fragrance is overflowing. Is the city beautification, highway greening, courtyard bonsai ornamental excellent plant. B. Benefits of Gardenia cultivation The first year cuttings […]

Planting techniques of Magnolia officinalis

A. Magnolia belongs to the Magnoliaceae family Magnolia is a deciduous tree, reaching up to 25 meters tall and 200 cm thick in diameter. The crown becomes narrowly ovate when young, while the mature tree takes on a broad-oval or loosely wide-oval shape. The main trunk of the tree is obvious and the tree is […]

Tulip growing techniques

A. Growth habit of tulips Tulip is native to Iran, Turkey and the alpine regions of Tibet in China. Belonging to the lily family tulip genus perennial herbs, bulbs flat conical. Hardy but not heat-resistant, the seed bulbs can withstand a low temperature of -35 ℃. The growth temperature is 15-18℃, and the suitable temperature […]

rowing techniques of strawberry

A. Strawberry belongs to the family Rosaceae Strawberry is a genus of strawberry, native to Chile. The leaves are evergreen and the flowers are white and elegant. The fragrance is pleasant, and the fruit is bright red, so it can be enjoyed and eaten. It is also a good flower for family. B. Strawberry habit […]

Winter melon cultivation technology

Winter melon is not only thick and juicy, but also fragrant and refreshing. It also has the effect of clearing the heat, so it is loved by consumers. A. Winter melon basin sowing shed Winter melon time should be chosen around February 10, in early May can be harvested. Small shed and open field sowing […]

rowing techniques of goldfish grass

A、Goldfish grass habit characteristics Hardy, not heat tolerant. Prefer sunlight, also tolerate semi-shade. Goldfish grass growth temperature, September to March of the following year for 7-10 ℃, March-September for 13-16 ℃. Seedlings pass the vernalization stage at 5℃. 1、High temperature to goldfish grass Growth and development of unfavorable, flowering temperature of 15-16 ℃, some species […]

Sakura blossom growing technology

A. Characteristics of sakura Sakura bark is purple-brown, smooth and shiny, with horizontal lines. Flowers are alternate with leaves, elliptic or obovate-elliptic, with awn teeth at the edge. Propodeum pointed and glandular, surface dark green, shiny, abaxially slightly light. B. Appearance of sakura blossoms Stipules lanceolate-linear, with finely divided serrate margins and glandular at the […]

Bitter melon growing technology

A. Bitter melon selection of land Bitter melon planting is suitable for spring sowing, and the land should be selected and prepared early,bitter melon likes moisture, temperature, fertilizer, not waterlogging, should choose the upper layer of deep, fertility, drainage and irrigation convenient plot planting. B. Bitter melon land preparation Before each mu of high quality […]

Sunflower planting techniques

A. Sunflower planting experience I have some experience in sunflowers planting and breeding, and I will tell you the planting technology of sunflower freely below. I hope it will be helpful to you. 1. The selection of sunflower seeds To choose the full sunflowers seeds, so to special breeding units or sales stores to buy. […]